10 things girls find hot about guys.

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things girls find hot about guys

Girls are a mystery.Does anyone really know what women want?

Turns out, no, no one knows.Especially not guys, but not even women sometimes.Lucky for the world, we’ve done some research on the subject for some helpful hints.

Here are 10 things girls find hot about guys.


Guys tend to believe that women prefer long,flowing locks of hair like Fabio, a silky, smooth, baldhead like Vin Diesel, or any styleworn by that Justin Bieber kid.Thankfully, we are wrong.Esquire Magazine conducted an interview with a number of women in the fashion industry,and they all decided on the one hairstyle to rule them all.They concluded that the most attractive hairstyle is called a crew cut, which is long on top and short on the sides.You may have seen variations of this style featured on top of celebrities heads suchas Chris Evans in Captain America Civil War and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool before he became a burned up walker from


It’s said that eyes are the gateway to the soul.Can’t image what’s going on inside of Sauron.One of the first things girls are attracted to in a guy is his eyes.This isn’t untrue for men either.In fact, The Daily Mail conducted a poll and 70% of men say they notice a girl’s eyesbefore anything else.But what is the most attractive eye color for both genders?Is it dark, mysterious eyes, or bright and inviting?66,000 people responded to a survey from allaboutvision.com, and the majority preferred green eyes to all other colors.Coming in second was light blue, and a close third was hazel.


The most powerful thing that separates us from other animals is our minds.Lots of guys think that girls are only into big bulging muscles and a chiseled jawline.Beauty is more than skin deep, and an outstanding majority of girls say that the most essential trait they look for in a guy is his mind.You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking smart, but the ability to problem solve and carry an intelligent conversation is important.
Not so gifted in the brain department?Throw on some fake glasses to make yourself look smarter.That’s some good advice.Just keep in mind that if you get married you’ll have to keep up the illusion for the rest of your life.


Ladies can agree, there is something sexy about a dirty man working up a sweat while slaving over a hot car or operating heavy machinery, but only from far away.If you want her to jump your bones guys, you better grab a quick shower first.There is nothing that will turn off a girl quicker than smelling your gross body odor.Due to higher levels of testosterone, males sweat more than females, so it’s even more important to grab a shower at least every other day, which is also proven to be the healthiest habit for showering.If you clean out your ears, brush your teeth, and put on some deodorant, you’ll do just fine.

Sense of Humor

Guys may think that women prefer a more deep,mysterious, serious man, but girls love a guy who can make them smile.Studies show that we better remember things that have an emotional impact on us.
What better way to make a lasting impression than to make her laugh?Having a great sense of humor is always on the top ten lists of things that girls and guys want their partner to have.You don’t need to be spouting jokes all of the time, but being able to make her laugh when she’s down or simply just joking around with her can make a relationship extra special.Just keep in mind; it’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.

Facial Hair

Good news guys, you don’t have to keep cutting up your face with those dull blades anymore!The University of South Wales did a study and found that the overwhelming majority of women prefer facial hair on their men.But what style of facial hair do girls prefer?Don’t let Brad Pitt and Dumbledore fool you, those beards are a bit out of hand.Women agree that a little bit of stubble on their man is the most attractive, about two or three days worth without shaving depending on how fast your hair grows.That means no more spending your entire paycheck on razor blades!So if you’re looking to attract some ladies, invest in a beard trimmer.


The clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes!Or at least that’s what we thought.Turns out girls feel the opposite way.During a psychology study, women were shown pictures of different men in different clothing,and the same man in different outfits.The results indicated that girls preferred a less attractive man in fashionable clothing than a more attractive man in non-fashionable clothes.This doesn’t mean you should wear a suit and tie all the time like Neil Patrick Harris as Barney in How I Met Your Mother, but wearing a nice shirt and stylish jeans can put you ahead of the competition that are wearing baggy pants and a ratty t-shirt.


Guys are only human.Well, most of us are only human.Some of us our gods sent to earth to make the others look bad.Thanks Chris Hemsworth.We look at a guy like that and think, “Damn, he probably gets all the girls.How come I don’t have giant muscles like that?”Because you sit on your ass all day eating chips and playing video games.But that’s beside the point.Most women have actually admitted that they aren’t huge fans of huge muscles.That’s not to say that they fancy a beer gut over a six-pack, but being completely ripped with veins popping out everywhere isn’t as attractive to them as a strong, healthy guy.So keep playing those video games gents.Just maybe lay off the chips.


Does size matter?When it comes to your height, it does.Surveys were done by BBC news, the telegraph, eharmony, and many others that concluded womenprefer taller men.Not Shaquille O’Neal tall, but at least taller than they are.Research suggests that this is because women feel safer with a taller guy.Going back to our cave days, men who stood taller could see over the tall grass, and could better see predators and prey.
Therefore, they could provide for and protect their mate.Of course that shouldn’t matter in today’s world, but in a study of 720 couples, there was only one couple where the guy was shorter than the girl.
Conclusion: find a short girl, or wear platform shoes.


There’s something about a smile that just melts girls hearts.There’s also something about a smile with crooked yellow teeth that makes girls vomit.A simple smile can win the heart of a girl in no time.Charles Darwin theorized that emotional responses influence our feelings.Emotional contagion suggests that that people mimic the faces of other people they see.Therefore smiling at others can cause them to smile back, and make them feel happy.Plus just being open, polite, and friendly is the best way to make a lasting impression on a girl.Confidence is important, and that should be expressed in your smile.So take care of those teeth, smile at the ladies, and just be yourself.So everyone, what did we miss?
So that was things girls find hot about guys.

Are there any other misconceptions about what girls look for in a guy?Let us know in the comments below.

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