Hidden features of Android that you probably didn’t know

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hidden features of Android that you probably didn't know

Here are the Hidden features of Android that you probably didn’t know.Know these features and get max from your android devices.

Hidden features of Android that you probably didn’t know.

Google Maps

Now I know everyone knows what Google Maps is but there’s one specific feature that is hidden and is very useful for when you are lost and you don’t have data or Wi-Fi to find your specific location.Now make sure you do this before and just in case you need it for the future so check this out if you tap on the search bar and scroll down all the way to the bottom you can tap on make this map area available offline and you will have the offline map for a specific area this allows you to view all the streets cities and you can even do satellite mode when your data or Wi-Fi is enabled.

Lost your Phone

This feature is hidden within the security features in the settings if you go to the settings then security and then owner info you can type anything in the text box which will be displayed on your lock screen just in case you lost your phone.

Data Usage

If you don’t have a limited data Android jelly bean and above allows you to program your phone to monitor your data usage any phone between jelly bean up you will have this feature enabled when you are approaching a high amount it can warn you when you are going to be overboard and then it can stop you all together.When you reach a certain limits this will save you from going over your limit and receiving a costly bill game.


A lot of android users love to play hardcore games but sometimes the game lags due to high graphic usage so.If you want smoother graphic rendering go to your settings about bone and tap on the build number three times then developer options will be enabled go to developer options and scroll down to you see hardware accelerated rendering and tap on force for make sure to enable this only when necessary because it can drain your battery activities your app activities are still running after you leave an application and a lot of these apps rely on local cache data so they can load faster but there are apps that use a lot of activities so if you want to destroy those activities you can check the don’t keep activities under the developer options and that is all you have to do extra.This is Hidden features of Android that you probably didn’t know.

Wi-Fi settings

In the Wi-Fi settings you can go in there and hit the menu button and you can choose advanced.This will give you extra settings for the Wi-Fi and you will be able to see your IP address as well as your mac address.You can also optimize your Wi-Fi to save battery and change the Wi-Fi sleep policy,so when your phone is in sleep mode your Wi-Fi is turned off to save some battery life.

Silence the Ringing

When someone calls you you can mute the incoming call ringer without any up or accepting the call by pressing the volume rocker.


The app light flow can offer you much more control over your LED you can find this application in the play store.You can alter which types of notification trigger the light and assign different colors to different types of notifications these small changes make it easier to tell when you’ve got an important notification at a glance without having to touch the bone it’s easy to use and you don’t need root.

Switching between Applications

When in a nap if you having recent tab button you can long press it and you will be able to switch to your last application that you were using before this is great for multitasking and just saving some time when you’re going back to an application.

Backgrounds HD

If you download the application called backgrounds HD you will be able to have a high definition wallpapers when you say wallpaper you can use background HD to make the wallpaper fit right in the middle of your home screen and you can use the entire image to fit on your home screen instead of copying it out.
So,here are the Hidden features of Android that you probably didn’t know.Hope you use them to good.Use if you know any i missed I would like to know what hidden features you guys know and don’t say the android version easter egg feature because everyone already knows about that. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages.

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